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About Plant One Million

Plant One Million is a regional partnership led by the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society (PHS) to plant one million trees throughout 13 counties in southeastern Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Delaware. The goal is to restore the “tree canopy cover”—the area of land shaded by trees—in the Greater Philadelphia Region to 30 percent.

P1M County Map

The tree canopy is the upper branches or crowns of mature trees. Measuring the area of land covered by tree canopy is an important yardstick for a healthy environment, since trees improve air and water quality and help reduce erosion, water pollution, and flooding.

In recent decades the Greater Philadelphia Region has lost millions of trees to development. To address the problem, the Pennsylvania Department of Conservation and Natural Resources created TreeVitalize, a public/private partnership led by PHS in southeastern Pennsylvania, which has added 150,000 trees since 2004. Plant One Million expands and builds on that program.

P1M Summary Sheet

Contact: PlantOneMillion@pennhort.org

A Regional Partnership

The Delaware Center for Horticulture and the New Jersey Tree Foundation, will serve as lead partners in those states. PHS will also work with community partners with Plant One Million such as school districts, universities and other institutions, municipal shade tree commissions, civic groups, local and regional nonprofits, residents, businesses, and landowners to promote tree planting.

Within Philadelphia, planting more trees is part of Mayor Michael Nutter’s sustainability plan, Greenworks Philadelphia, to help make Philadelphia the greenest city in the United States. Philadelphia Parks & Recreation, working with PHS and other partners, will help the city reach its goal of planting new 300,000 new trees by 2015. This effort will include planting trees on private and institutional land (residences, university and corporate campuses, hospitals, etc.) and will support Philadelphia’s effort to plant trees in the public realm through citizen education, outreach, and stewardship activities.

To mobilize citizen volunteers, PHS and partners will expand the network of more than 3,000 volunteers trained through its Tree Tenders® program, which has been teaching citizens to plant and care for trees since 1993.

Spreading the Word

PHS and its partners will develop marketing and fundraising campaign to raise money for tree planting, teach people about the importance of trees, and encourage homeowners, other landowners, and businesses to plant trees on their properties.

You can help by planting a tree, encouraging your friends and family to plant and count one, or by making a secure donation to help purchase trees for Plant One Million.