Spring has Sprung! Volunteer at a Tree Planting

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Seventy degree days have erased any uncertainty that spring is here! OK, it doesn’t technically begin until March 19, but we’re too excited about upcoming tree plantings to show restraint.

The next few weeks offer lots of community tree plantings in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, in Delaware. There is likely one happening near you! Take a look at our handy tree planting map to see if there is a tree planting in your area that could use a helping hand.

If you can’t make it to an existing planting, but want to be ready for the fall, take matters into your own hands by enrolling in PHS Tree Tenders training course! This program helps citizens learn how to organize tree plantings and care for trees. This workshop is very important since the survival of a new tree is dependent on people like you.

If you live in Philadelphia and would like to request a street tree, you can do so through Philadelphia Parks and Recreation. The agency accepts requests from individual property owners. You can call 215-685-4360, fill out the form and mail it in, or fill out the form online. To request a yard tree, check out treephilly.org.

For those of you who live elsewhere, contact your local civic association to see if it is coordinating any street tree planting projects. Many get funds from councilmen or state reps. If you are interested in purchasing container trees, you might want to check out PHS’s retail center, Meadowbrook Farm.

If you do plant trees, don’t forget to have your trees counted here on the Plant One Million website. Our current count is more than 152,000 and going strong—with your help we can Plant One Million!