Lost No More! Elusive Tree Species Tracked Down

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You may remember that Casey’s Tree of the Month for June was the Kentucky coffeetree. You may also remember the resulting scandal, when Casey realized that the coffeetree was nowhere to be found on PhillyTreeMap. He challenged all Philadelphians to track down and tag this elusive tree, and many of you answered the call!

The first shout-out goes to Cora O., who snuffed out quite a few. She wrote in to say, “There are some Kentucky coffeetrees in West Philadelphia that I know of. One on Penn’s campus in front of the library, and one on the east side of College Hall Green. There are others at in the Ralston West Garden, too. This was fun!”

Glad you think so, Cora. A PHS Tree Tenders t-shirt is on its way to your door!

We also heard from Gayl H., who proudly identified herself as a Tree Tenders graduate. Gayl said: “We have at least one, maybe more, Kentucky coffeetree on our property in East Falls, Philadelphia. It’s hard to miss the seed pods!” Gayl also submitted the photos in this post.

Good sleuthing, everyone! And be sure to include your trees on PhillyTreeMap.

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